Covid-19 policy update

Craiglands Hotel & Spa

COVID-19 Policy Update - May 2021


Dear valued guests,

At The Craiglands Hotel & Spa, Ilkley, we are truly proud to work within the hospitality industry, it is who we are, and it is what we do; therefore the health and wellbeing of our guests and team has always been at the forefront of our decision making and never more so than during the Pandemic we have and are experiencing. To this end we have achieved accreditation through ‘Quality in Tourism’ and Visit England ‘Were Good to Go’ for ensuring a covid secure environment in which we operate and continue to monitor the ongoing Government guidance as it gets published.

Due to the onset of Covid-19, we have had to make many changes swiftly within our business: in the way we operate our hotels, in the way we interact with our guests and further changes in how we are able to now interact with our colleagues at work. The team at The Craiglands Hotel & Spa have always risen to these continuous challenges admirably and these have now become the new normal and a way of life. We are proud and confident that we have done our upmost to provide you with safe hospitable places to enjoy and trust.

Over the course of 2020 we implemented (and continue to review) a number of actions in response to these new challenges: enforced social distancing measures, additional disinfecting and revised health and safety protocols all came into being and we consciously removed the ‘mystery’ of how a hotel is cleaned; housekeeping efforts are now deliberately very visible to all, and any visitors will find our Housekeepers talking to our guests with absolute confidence about the sanitising procedures that they are undertaking to keep everyone safe.

During 2020 our hotel welcomed a wide range of customer groups, all with their own specific needs and demands, and the team at The Craiglands Hotel & Spa have always passed the test and furthermore remained true to our genuine sense of hospitality. We are extremely confident in both our procedures and colleagues to look after you and we look forward to welcoming you back again to stay and dine, with complete peace of mind.

Matthew Hole; General Manager

Craiglands Hotel & Spa, Coronavirus (COVID-19) Policy - Updated May 2021

Our commitment to our Guests, Delegates, Spa members, Diners & our Team.


All visitors will find that clear guidance and instructions are readily available from arrival through to departure.

  • At the main entrance you will find both clear signage and free standing hand sanitisation facilities to use. We display an NHS QR Code poster. All guests will be asked to ‘sign-in’ using the QR codes displayed at the hotel reception desk. Please do not come to the hotel if you have had a new cough or a fever (Temperature above 37.8C). Follow government advice and self-isolate.
  • Increased public area cleaning processes will be in place and will be visible. You will see in action, team members using Covid 19 sanitation sprays throughout the business to keep ‘high traffic’ areas, sanitised, clean, and safe.
  • Check in and out can be tailored to your preference. We are encouraging contactless payment. Again all of this will be based on your choice and your needs.
  • Our team use the NHS test & trace app when commencing their shifts and follow the hotel policy of not coming to work if displaying any Coronavirus symptoms.
  • Our hotel team are issued with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in accordance with our new Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) and Risk assessments (RA’s). Within the Hotel you will be able see the use of face screens, masks and disposable gloves.
  • Personal hygiene, as ever, is of paramount importance to us. In addition, uniform supplies will be washed at 60 degrees to ensure each item is clean at the start of every shift.
  • All team members have undergone robust training around our new health and hygiene protocols before returning to work, there are new house rules in place that are very much our new ‘working culture’.
  • To reduce Covid-19 transmission, our Hotels are now cashless via our contactless payment terminals; this both reduces the risk of hand-to-hand transmission and allows us to ensure that social distancing is observed.
  • In line with WHO advice we will not be entering your room during your stay, this includes not servicing your bedroom mid-stay. This is to protect your sanitised space and our team. Guest amenities are always available when needed.



Our new processes have been developed in accordance to World Health Organisation (WHO) guidance, industry best practice, and advice that we have obtained from leading chemical supply companies.

  • Where possible our bedrooms will be left fallow for 24 hours in between cleaning and the arrival of a new guest.
  • We will ensure all laundry is washed at temperatures more than 60 degrees (which has been proven to kill any trace of the virus).
  • We have reviewed each bedroom and ensured that any non-essential or ‘risk items’ have been removed from stock or replaced with a single use, disposable, option (additional items will still be available on request).
  • Our ‘Heart of House’ areas have always been a focus for cleanliness and hospitality, we are now further maintaining these guest contact areas via the introduction of additional regular cleaning routines (that utilise products proven to neutralise the Covid-19 virus).
  • The public restrooms too will be further cleaned via the introduction of regular cleaning routines (that utilise products proven to neutralise the Covid-19 virus).
  • Our Air Conditioning and Air Handling systems have been deep cleaned, sanitised and serviced. We want to ensure that both guest and team facilities are circulating clean and fresh air.
  • In line with WHO advice we will not be entering your room during your stay, this includes not servicing your bedroom mid stay. This is to protect your sanitised space and our team. Guest amenities are always available when needed.



The current Government guidelines will be followed at all times, in all areas.

  • All seating areas will be rearranged to create the recommended spacing between guests and workstations.
  • Clear signage will be provided, in areas we deem to be ‘high traffic’, to remove any doubt for you, the guest.
  • Lifts will be sanitised regularly. Hand sanitisers is available in all public areas. Where possible, and where guest mobility allows, we would request that you use the stairs.
  • Our team have been trained on these new processes and how we manage issues that could directly contravene social distancing guidance.
  • Meeting and events are a large part of our business, we are now able to provide clear floorplans for our larger space which can be set with new and changing social distancing guidelines. Our layouts have all been redesigned to ensure you have the space needed to enjoy your events without compromise, our team are also trained on how we can make your event work safely.



Food and beverage operations are an area of key importance for our business and its guests. Social distancing measures have been implemented and in support of this breakfast & dinner reservations must be pre-booked, and we respectfully request that allocated booking times are honoured.

  • Breakfast is back! We once again have the opportunity to serve breakfast in our restaurants. We will still be offering the room service and ‘grab & go’ options as we appreciate for some guests this is a preferred option.
  • Room service will still be available 24 hours a day.
  • Private dining is still an option for your celebratory gatherings and when you wish to reconnect with your friends and family our facilities will provide you with the perfect surroundings in which to enjoy these special occasions (just as they always have).
  • To reduce Covid-19 transmission, our Hotels are now cashless and charging to your bedroom is encouraged or simply pay as you go on contact free card payment.
  • All equipment used in the service of food to customers will be sanitised prior to re-use.
  • We will continue to adjust the food and beverage service and menu selection in accordance with current food safety recommendations.
  • All team members will wash their hands a minimum of every half an hour and prior to handing service equipment and after handling crockery, cutlery or glassware handled by the public.
  • All staff has been advised against the use of hand shaking as a greeting.
  • All customers should use face coverings when not sat at a table. We will operate table service (i.e. order at the table, food & drink served to the table) to avoid people moving around as much as possible.



At The Craiglands Hotel & Spa, meetings and events are a significant and a special part of our DNA. We have hosted events for decades and we are proud of our spaces and offerings. Our new operating procedures:

  • Deep cleaning and sanitisation of all meeting spaces during lockdown, this has included further decoration of our Ballroom & Saxon suites. Enhanced cleaning schedules have been introduced.
  • Installation of sanitation units in each meeting space.
  • Removal of all non-essential items from the meeting space, these are still available on request from our team.
  • All meeting space capacities have been recalculated to allow for social distancing. We have also adopted a system that you will always see and agree to in respect of any room layouts before arrival. • Signage in place for directional flow.
  • Tea & Coffee break out areas have now been redesigned, to allow for both social distancing and comfort.



We continue to follow the Government guidance around the safe operation of our Spa & Fitness Club. We have redesigned the facility and the offering to ensure we have created a safe space for you to enjoy.

  • Verbeia Spa & Fitness club has been deep cleaned and sanitised.
  • Gym equipment has been moved/relocated to allow for social distancing.
  • Booking system put in place to ensure the correct capacity per hour both in the gym and hydro pool areas to allow for social distancing.
  • Water fountains/dispensers are out of use, members and guests are kindly asked to bring their own bottles.
  • Hand sanitiser available throughout the club.
  • Cleaning stations so members can wipe equipment down before and after use.
  • Additional regular cleaning to high contact areas for members and guest’s piece of mind.



The safety and work environments of our team members are always of paramount importance to us. Our team members deserve rolling monthly training. To feel safe and informed within the business; during their re-induction process we have taken the opportunity to develop a selection of rolling monthly training.

  • Our new standard operating procedures have been developed around every aspect of team life and interaction, from receiving deliveries at our goods entrance to how we now ask team members to dine in our front of house areas during breaks. Each element has been reviewed and clear decisions made.
  • Arrival and departure times for all team members is to be staggered, to reduce increased footfall in all areas.
  • PPE is available for all team members in line with the task they perform. Where PPE is disposable it will be readily available and changed daily, where it is non disposable that equipment will be personalised and provided to that team member for individual use. Our team fully understands the critical role that they are to play in ensuring the safe operation of our Hotel. This duty of care includes looking after themselves both in and outside of work. The reporting of illness, developed to ensure all our team members are adhering to guidance should any isolation be required. We continue, as ever, to offer our full support and assistance to all of our team members.

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