Voya Scrubs & Wraps

Voya Scrubs & Wraps

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VOYA has set new standards for luxury skincare. Promoting sustainable organic luxury, Voya uses ethically sourced ingredients and is the world’s first certified organic seaweed-based skincare brand.

Find out more about our full range of VOYA Scrubs & Wrap treatments below…

Organic Lavender And Seaweed Sugar Glow – 50 mins RRP £65

VOYA’s organic lavender and seaweed sugar scrub treatment combines a wonderful fragrant mix of lavender oil, seaweed and sugar. This treatment has a double action of gently removing dead skin cells with sugar and healing with the seaweed extracts and lavender essential oil.

Luscious Salt Glow – 50 mins £65

VOYA’s Luscious Salt Glow is infused with Dead Sea salts and organic seaweed oil, a combination which hydrates the skin, stimulates blood and lymph flow while firming skin tone and increasing lustre. This treatment removes dull skin and refines skin texture.

Organic Warm Spiced Mud Wrap –  50 mins £70

Seaweed is taken fresh from the ocean and its purifying elements – including potent antioxidants and minerals – are encapsulated in VOYA’s Organic Warm Spiced Mud Wrap. Infused with aromatic spices of ginger and orange to revive the senses, this wrap has immediate and noticeable effects on the skin, including firming and toning. It is a serious detoxifier, metabolism stimulator, and a natural antiaging boost. This treatment is a must for the results-driven client.


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